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For over 10 years we have been preparing for you the best premium quality tea blends!

TM Palmira imports, blends, tastes and packs the best elite varieties of tea for its customers. All tea and natural additives that are in the tea blends are grown in ecologically clean areas, collected by hand and sorted carefully. Only the finest Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Ceylon tea of excellent quality and nothing else.

We offer elite tea bags and loose tea of the best varieties and popular blends - both world-famous tea blends and those created according to our own recipes. In our assortment you will find the best elite green tea, traditional varieties of a black aromatic drink and delicious blends with tropical fruits, plant petals and other natural additives. In addition, our online store of elite tea offers connoisseurs of herbal infusions, fruit tea, matcha and various author's blends. We also offer a unique line of world-famous teas, whose representatives already have admirers in all corners of the world. It includes the best varieties of black, green, yellow and jasmine tea. The peculiarity and uniqueness of this line is that when collecting raw materials, only young buds and two upper leaves of the tea bush are torn.

Each blend is the result of the work of a professional team. We taste each tea blend personally to achieve delicious taste and aroma. Only after that we pack elite tea bags in accordance with precise dosages using modern high-tech equipment. This ensures a consistently high quality of each tea sachet, which is packaged under the TM Palmira.


Tea for the HoReCa segment


Our company's regular customers are bars, restaurants, coffee houses, hotels and gas stations. Our company's regular customers are bars, restaurants, coffee houses, hotels and gas stations. Tea for a coffee house or restaurant must correspond to the class of the establishment. Elite tea bags are an excellent and correct solution for your business.

Thanks to the variety of tastes and aromas, you can satisfy even the most demanding taste of your guests. In order to get acquainted with the entire assortment, you can order tasting sets from our manager, and we will send it to you as soon as possible. Tea in sachets has individual package, which guests really like, the correct dosage and convenient format.

We offer elite black and green tea in the form of sachets for cups, for teapots and in the form of loose tea of the best varieties. You can choose any form that suits your business concept. We pack elite tea bags in high-quality German filter paper, which preserves the original taste and aroma of the selected tea mixture.

Tea sachets have a convenient fastening that allows to securely attach the tea bag to the handle of a teapot, paper cup or cup, which is our own solution and is highly appreciated by our customers.


5 reasons to buy elite tea of TM Palmira

If you have not yet found a supplier of elite tea bags, then you have 5 reasons to give preference to TM Palmira:

1. Possibility of tasting. So that you can appreciate all the benefits of unique tea blends, we have created for you gift and tasting sets of more than 19 traditional and original tea blends.

2. Premium quality. Raw materials are manually processed, cleaned using the advanced equipment, and the final product meets all European quality standards for elite teas.

3. It's profitable with us. We offer cooperation and special offers to regular, wholesale customers and distributors, as well as to those customers who are admirers of tea and would like to purchase it for themselves and their close ones.

4. Versatility. Our tea has the form of individually wrapped sachets, and therefore you can enjoy the fragrant drink at home, in the office, in the car and outdoors.

We personally taste each tea blend and offer our customers only the best combinations of tastes. You can get detailed information and prices for wholesale buyers and distributors by contacting our managers by phone numbers that you will find in the "Contacts" section on our website, as well as ask all your questions on our Instagram page.

With love for tea, TM Palmira team!!