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For the owners of the HoReCa segment, we are pleased to offer favorable terms of cooperation. High quality products, fast targeted delivery, provision of shelves, advertising materials, dishes and other accessories, individual pricing conditions, constant discounts for large order volumes. The advantages of working with us:

— convenience and hygiene of using tea bags for a cup and teapot in your establishment (a special form of attaching a label to a paper cup, cup or teapot);

— a large assortment of flavors, constantly growing and improving;

— providing free shelves for laying out tea sachets (convenience for the cashier, waiter, client)

— provision of utensils (teapots, cups) in the required quantity on individual terms;

— the opportunity to order top flavors in the T-cup Box format (a box with tea bags for a cup) for sale to customers and additional profit for your institution;

— the ability to order sugar in sticks for serving to customers.


Our company offers tea products for gas stations, offices, organizing tea drinking in the format of coworking and open spaсe (exhibitions, meetings, entertainment, sports events, etc.). What could be better than treating your employees, business partners, guests and clients with a special delicious tea ?! The collection TM "PALMIRA" for a cup is what you need. A portion of high-quality leaf tea in a sachet made of ecological, natural material with the most convenient and fixed vertical attachment to the handle of a cup or glass. We have collected for you the best flavors of tea from all over the world and carefully packed them into convenient boxes. Each box has perforation, with the help of which, with a slight movement of the hand, it turns into a shelf for storing sachets - this is very convenient and takes up a minimum of space. Ideal for creating a tea corner, both in the office and at any event. We can also offer various options for wooden shelves with a special, modern design, which will perfectly fit into your interior. Your guests and clients will definitely appreciate the care they take.


We maintain our profiles on Instagram and Facebook with great inspiration. And we want to involve all like-minded people in the development of tea culture. We invite media persons, bloggers and influencers to cooperate. We offer mutually beneficial working conditions: barter, advertising in our profile, a system of discounts and bonuses. We always hold contests with great pleasure, giveaways on our Instagram profile, and mark out all the tea-lovers. Our goal is to develop the culture of tea drinking in the world, to provide everyone with the opportunity to feel like a tea gourmet and enjoy the variety of tastes of this wonderful, healthy drink.


For distributors and wholesalers, we offer large-leaf elite tea in different formats: for a cup / paper cup (250-300 ml), for a teapot (500-600 ml), by weight (75, 100 g). Elite portioned tea collection - 19 tastes (sachet material - filter paper), world famous tea collection Flash & Tips - 6 tastes (sachet material - nylon). We provide presentation materials and accessories to clients (catalogs, sachet stands), we provide mockups for placing our products on your website. The company "Palmira Trade" LLC, manufacturer of portioned premium quality tea TM "PALMIRA", offers mutually beneficial cooperation in the sale of tea. Our company was founded in 2011 and specializes only in the production of tea for the HoReCa segment. The priority of our company is always the end customer, therefore we guarantee 100% quality of each tea bag. Our manager, upon request, will provide a wholesale price list, a price list for distributors, and will answer all your questions.