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Black tea

Chinese black tea from Anhui Province.

The most fragrant black tea in the world from China. Keemun was created in the late XIX century, but all the aristocratic families of England and the British Royal Family have fallen in love with it. This young variety of tea is harvested first during a separate ripening period - only the tips (leaf buds) and two unopened leaves are plucked. Color, taste, aroma: In the cup you will get a light black amber tea with a taste of prunes, honey and heady, rich smoky aroma. It's not tart, has a noticeable smoky taste, without bitterness. Properties: The drink tones, gives a feeling of comfort, helps to improve efficiency. Perfect for morning.

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Dian Hong Jin Hao
Chinese black tea from Yunnan Province.

The real "gold" of black Chinese tea. Imperial tea, collected from the upper, most tender buds and young leaves. This infusion aroused the admiration of the emperors in the East, and later conquered the whole world. Only tea buds are harvested from the tea crop for this infusion to obtain the most rich taste.

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Jin Jun Mei
Chinese black tea from Fujian province

A young tea variety grown in a protected area on the volcanic soil of Mount Wuyi, rich in minerals. Today only the best tea buds with golden tips and two upper leaves of Jin Jun Mei are gathered, so the taste of the drink is as rich as possible. Color, taste, aroma: Infusion with amber-golden hue with floral-honey aroma. It has a sweet, viscous, deep and oily taste. Properties: The tea tones, invigorates, relieves irritation and fatigue. Strengthens the immune system and gives a positive mood.

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Green tea

Mao Feng
Chinese green tea from Anhui province

Included in the TOP 10 famous teas in the world. Due to collection of only the most delicate buds and two upper leaves, you enjoy the softest, slightly sweet drink. This tea is harvested on Mount Huangshan, where the weather is always cloudy and humid - that's why the tea leaves are the freshest and most fragrant. Color, taste, aroma: A light yellow drink with a delicate, herbal aroma. The aftertaste is refreshing, light, slightly sweet. It quenches thirst quickly and for a long time. Properties: A cup of tea relaxes, relieves fatigue, regulates thoughts, helps to concentrate. Gives lightness and a feeling of freshness, perfectly quenches thirst.

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Huo Shan Huang Ya
Chinese yellow tea from Huangshan Mountain, Anhui Province.

From time immemorial, connoisseurs around the world have revered this drink for its healing properties. Real Chinese yellow tea, characterized by its softness. A feature of the drink is the enchanting lightness that wraps the body after each sip. Only the upper leaves and buds of the tea bush are gathered. Color, taste, aroma: Light yellow, olive-colored drink with a delicate aroma of white pepper and alpine herbs. The taste is sweet and bitter, refreshing, enchanting with its lightness. Slightly tart; the aroma of soft smoke is felt. Unusual and at the same time interesting and pleasant. Properties: Yellow tea contains a lot of caffeine, so it invigorates in the morning, tones, gives energy and strength.

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Jasmine Phoenix Eye
Chinese jasmine tea from Fujian Province

The best representative of jasmine tea in the world! In a separate season, only the upper buds and two leaves of the tea tree are gathered, manually twisted into an "eye" shape and mixed with the freshest jasmine flowers. Brew this drink in a glass teapot or cup and you will see how well the tea leaves open. Color, taste, aroma: The drink is light green with a bright aroma of jasmine. The aftertaste is refreshing, light, floral. Do not keep it in the teapot for too long - immediately enjoy the unique taste and aroma. Properties: Natural jasmine tea soothes, relieves stress, improves digestion and strengthens the immune system. Perfect for evening tea drinking.

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