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For over 10 years we have been preparing for you the best premium quality tea blends ! TM Palmira imports, sorts, tastes and packs the best elite varieties of tea for its customers. All tea and natural additives that are in the tea blends are grown in ecologically clean areas, collected by hand and sorted carefully. Only the finest Chinese, Japanese, Indian and Ceylon tea of excellent quality and nothing else.

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TEA Series Elite portioned tea

Fresh leaf tea of exceptional quality, hand-picked on tea farms in India, China, and Ceylon. Choose from a variety of flavors in a handy package type and enjoy Palmira TM tea's distinct flavor.


Meet the new name tea collection, whose representatives are among the greatest teas in the world. The tea for this collection is hand-picked from the tea tree's freshest buds (tips) and top leaves. These stalwarts of tea's lengthy history have earned the respect and affection of real taste and fragrance aficionados.

Accessories, utensils, gift sets

Comfortable shelves in a variety of colors for your home. Tea utensils that are perfect for use at home or at the institution. Delicious and well-packaged gift packages to put your family and friends in the Christmas spirit.

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